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Welcome to the DyfiNet project. The aim of DyfiNet is to bring broadband connectivity to the Dyfi community. It is a community project and needs a co-ordinated effort so if you want to get involved please join the email discussion group.

We would especially like to hear from groups and individuals with ideas for content production initiatives and other uses for the broadband network: what would you do with a broadband connection? How would it benefit your organisation? What are your ideas for broadband interactive media productions, video webcasting, community projects? What about e-learning, video conferencing, online gaming? The more ideas we can present the better: join the discussion group and let us know by contacting us.

Latest News:

On 11th July Andrew Davies, the Economic Development and e-Minister announced a £100M funding package for Broadband in Wales. Targets include high speed connectivity to 310,000 extra homes and 67,000 extra businesses. Satellite broadband connections will be subsidised from September and there will be "encouragement" for local community schemes like Dyfinet. Further information:
Press Release
The Register

On 1st July the Dyfinet Working Group held a meeting. We heard about Powys County Council's broadband plans and discussed the technical and regulatory aspects. Go here for a report of the meeting.

Documents added to Dyfinet:

* Professor Phil Williams' Broadband for Wales consultation document

* Tim Fletcher's (Powys County Council) Local Regeneration Fund bid plan to provide high speed internet access to 5 towns, 5 business parks an 50 SMEs in Powys.

Previous News:

Dyfinet has joined forces with the Dyfi Eco Valley Partnership (DEVP) who are coordinating economic regeneraton efforts in the Dyfi Valley. Dyfinet is now part of DEVP's Broadband and ITC Working Group.

Rob Nicklen of Machynlleth's Cyber Space internet cafe is getting involved. We are planning to upgrade Cyber Space's internet connection with a broadband satellite system as part of the first development stage.

Background: in November 2001 the Digital Matrix Cymru conference kick started this initiative, now we are scoping out a pilot project for a high speed wireless local area network (WLAN) in Machynlleth.

This purpose of this web site is to inform, co-ordinate and publicise. More information will be added as the project develops. Please send comments and suggestions to [email protected]

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